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MAG251 - Miller?

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  • MAG251 - Miller?

    One of the welding suppliers tells me that Miller has 'absorbed' another product line from another company.

    I am told that Miller is standing behind a 'MAG251' mig welder.

    Has anyone heard anything about this?

    It sounds equiv to a MM251 but less expensive. ($1450CDN)

    That is all of the information that I have. No idea who actually makes this MAG welder.

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    i did hear that miller absorbed another company but i never heard of the mag line of welders
    to weld or not to weld that is the question


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      MAG is a european term for MIG
      Hobart advertised their wirefeeders as MIG/MAG systems.
      Its probably an old Hobart
      The Hobart family did sell their welding products to ITW.
      ITW then seperated light industrial and industrial and sold the industrial to Thermal Arc. Any thing over 250 amps was sold.


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        I thought that "MIG" stood for metal inert gas (like when using argon), and "MAG" stood for metal active gas(when using a gas or mix that has prperties to react due to its moleculer(sp) count).