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Power source for Cobramatic

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  • Power source for Cobramatic

    I looked at a Cobramatic wirefeed and gun today and was hoping someone could help me out. It has "posastart", so the seller said it could be hooked up to pretty much any power source, including a mig welder

    I'm limited to 115v, anyone know a good power source for it?


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    A friend of mine has one hooked up to a big Lincoln. Is there anyway to get 220?


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      I've used a cobra matic push pull feeder for aluminum at a company that called me in to do some proto type welding and remember it was a very good feeder however I dont remember the power source but it was either 220v single phase or 3 phase.
      Two years ago when I was at the AWS welding show lincoln had a cobra matic set up on one of their power sources which leads me to believe that they have one of the best push pull units on the market.
      So I suggest you talk to some lincoln people I'm sure they can help you. Good Luck, Portable Welder


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        Its just a wire feeder, It will work with any CV powersource. If you attach it to a Miller, you will need to connect pins a & b in the 14 pin to the terminal strip locations labeled Contactor Closure. The posi-start lead connects to the neg cable. Its a wire run-in control. then just plug it into 115v.