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Help with remote foot control

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  • Help with remote foot control

    I have a Miller Econo Twin tig machine #HH030883. Currently I have a push button on the torch for the hf. I want to go with a foot control. My machine is an older one. It has a 3 prong plug for the remote. I found two foot controls on e-bay but they have two cords from them. One has two 3 prong plugs and the other has a 3 and a 2 prong plug. My problem is I think my machine only has one 3 prong plug for the remote. I am currently out of the country and can't go out and check my machine for any other outlets on it. I had my wife look at it but she didn't see any. I need for the experts to tell me if either of these foot controls might work or do foot controls wire up differently then the push button and just won't work on my machine. Thanks.