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150 maxstar, electrode positive

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  • 150 maxstar, electrode positive

    From what I understand, there isn't any way of setting reverse polarity on the Maxstar, you can only weld DC negative? Is that correct?

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    Thanks. I love mine too, what a gutsy little performer. I know I can't do AC on aluminum, but I was wondering about DC reverse polarity, which isn't (I'm sure you know) the same thing. Reverse polarity is comon on most DC stick machines, and consists of reversing the positions of the clamp and electrode holders. As far as I know one can't do that with this welder. I just have a task were it would be cool if I could.


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      In stick mode, the Maxstar 150 S/ STL/ STH can be ran on DC straight or Reverse polarity. For reverse polarity plug your stinger cable into the positive socket on the unit. then of course plug the ground clamp into the negative socket.


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        They should be running DC+ anyway. Whoops, didnt consider you were thinking TIG.


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          Stick: swap the plugs

          TIG: (to run electrode positive) not a feature of the machine. You need to use either a torch with seperate gas feed (and a munual gas valve) or make an adapter set: for the feedthrough connector that breaks out the gas line and allows you to plug the work clamp into it, and for the positive to a female feedthrough for the torch and the gas line.