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    Brazing Silver brazing

    brazing covers a few types and many ways to braze.I have done most and have been a certified silver brazer for more than 10 years and love it. I use a gasluxer model 69 that uses a liquid flux that is mixed withe the acetelyene and also do most parts on a turn table fixture as all my silver brazed joints have to have a 1/8" radius almost all parts also have a silver solder ring in a groove on the joining part. 99% of the parts I do are for Navey ships that is the reson for the radius on the joint. it is mor an art as most welding is either you have it or your work harder to get the hang of it. when silver brazing a prepared joing the silver solder ring melts and appears at the top of the joint that is the time to back off on the heat befor adding more filler to make the 1/8" radius.if one holds the heat for 10 to 30 secounds to long the silver solder will drop out of the part and then you have a junk part.


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      And if that ain't enough, here is more info:
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        Just an add on about strength and heat treating. The old boys who made race cars in the 50s and 60s brazed tube chassis cars together. They all held together just fine. Take a look at the Lotus series from back then. Amazing looking chassis and they were all brazed or brass welded together.

        Brazing is almost gone here too. I do make a couple hundred "foot clamp jaws" a year tho for the diamond drilling industry. They are a 3" diameter puck with 8 carbide jaws (about 1" long by 1/2" wide by 1/4" tall) brazed into machined slots with nickel silver rod. I really enjoy doing it.

        And when I get a new apprentice in he/she is pretty amazed at the process. They don't even teach it at the welding school here anymore!! A real shame...
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