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Miller Cutmate 375, 120 or 240 Volts

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    Originally posted by Sberry
    John, how big of a comp was it, or is it? The general rule is 20A plug, 20A breaker. It could be as small as 14 wire and still be legal although it is likely 12. That is if it is 240V, I been back re-reading this thread a little, was your circuit 120 to start with????? A 6 series recept is for 240V.
    I am fairly certain it is #12 wire, am going to check it out today. The compressor was a Sears Craftsman (Campbell Hausfeld) that I got new back in the 70's, about a 3 to 5 hp with 20 galllon tank. All I know is that I showed it to the electrician and he put in the matching receptecle. Why he put it on a 30 amp breaker, I don't know. I do have good voltage, 122 per leg.


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      Originally posted by Scott V
      Handly Plasma 180?

      I have never seen that one? Esab has been tying to match the cutmaster 38 but so far no luck. The 380 was 230 volt only, but was cheaper in price. (stupid but small)
      Sorry Scott, I made the same typo twice. It is the 380.


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        He put it on a 30 to keep it from tripping at startup. Its going to be fine on your cutter.