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MM175... no 210... wait, maybe the 251!

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  • MM175... no 210... wait, maybe the 251!

    Starting checking the Miller forum a few weeks ago and am amazed with all the information and expertise here. Thought it was time to join.

    Trying to decide on a mig welder to purchase and the questions and advice shared on this forum is a fantastic help. Thought I had reached a decision (MM175) until I stopped here and learned of eveyone's praise for the 210. Now thoughts of the 251 are going through my mind. Well, the tax refund isn't here yet, so there's still time to decide!

    The saying "The more I learn, I find the less I know" sure seems to hold true here. I learn more and feel I know less nearly every time I stop in and search the posts! Thanks everyone for all you share.


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    Welcome! Al,
    Definitely the 210 over the 175! Now for the tough one the 210 or the 251... I own both and they both work great! Well the 175 does also but it's not in the same class as the 210 or the 251. Most people seem to out grow the 175 pretty quickly. Now back to the real decision the 210 or the 251. It really depends on your needs. The 251 has a bit of head room on the 210. The 210 is a bit easier to run. I use both of mine and they both work great!

    If money is not an issue the 251 gets my nod... (Just barely)
    You should fill in your location that way if your near someone on the board they might let ya try one out. I know I would...
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      Welcome aboard, allyn e! (Well, I just joined today myself, but nevertheless. )

      If you don't mind the substantial price increase, and no offense to its fans, I'd pass over the Millermatic 175. The tracking feature -- dare I say it, Andy? -- would make me want to see Red.


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        Welcome aboard and as a mm210 owner I'll say its great, wheather you want or need the additional oomph is your decision. The mm175 is more protable {the mm210 weighs 200#} but the210 will weld until I am ready to drop, where as the 175 will run out of duty cycle quicker. As a hobbiest machine the mm175 is great and if you only welding thin body panels its all day strong. If you start looking at bang for the buck comparing the machines abilities and their duty cycles mm175, mm210, mm251 the winner is in the middle. Big machine duty, and smaller price tag but much more ability in thickness {also can use the spoolgun for aluminum}. I researched every machine on the market before I bought mine 2 years ago and the winner was MM210, still smiling too!



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          MM175 Owner will chime in. I will agree some of what is said above. I looked at the MM175 and MM210. But after careful thinking and researching. It came down to me deciding that I hated to spend twice the money for a machine that I wasn't going to use all the time. If you are going to weld couple of times a week or more. Then I would have gone with the MM210. But I might go in spurts and weld three days in a row and then not weld for two weeks or so. I just couldn't justfy that expensive of a machine that I wasn't going to use more. I also got the Big Window Elite with the money I saved by getting the MM175. I got two toys for less then the MM210. Don't get me wrong the MM175 machine is great but the guys are right the MM210 is even better if you are going to use it enough to justify the expense.



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            I'm also a MM175 owner. When I purchased my machine a few months back I continplated on wether to get the 175 or the 210. I'm getting married in June and the wife to be said the 251 was out of the question But after comparing the 175 to the 210 I opted for the 175 becuase of the portability. I like that I can lift it into my truck it I need to go... The duty cycle is less, however I have never had any issues. My continuous weld are rarely over 1 min. long. It welds 3/8 and 1/4 real nice. I welded some steel and cross cut it to see the penitration and it was great. If I can get my hands on a camera I will post some pictures. I have also welded .059 with great success. The 175 uses the 3035 spool gun, which from what I have been told, welds just was well. Al, SS, MS. Hope this helps.

            "Live for Today. Yesterday is Gone and Tomorrow May Never Come" -unknown


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              I would say you need to really look at your needs and go from there. While many here have more or less funds .. more or less skills whats really important is your needs and your skills. I didn't know a thing about Mig welding and had only held a tig torch in my hand to run a few welds for no more than 15 minutes. That was the sum of my experience. When I decided I wanted to buy a welder I didn't need to worry about the quality of the machine since Miller is the best. I really asked the question," these are my needs..what machine best fits them today and tomorrow." The 175 didn't offer me the ease of the spoolgun set up of the MM210 however the MM251 was way beyond the capacity to satisfy my needs even in the long term. For me the MM210 allows me to easily do most 95% of the work I could possilbe need to do at home and on the track.

              MM210 w/3035
              Next up - Sync 200