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  • Portable Welder
    My Brother in law is a night boss for a company called NLB National Liquid blasting, they are in Wixom Michigan They build all kinds of stuff like that.
    I have told him I would like to take a tour if they ever offer one, I'm still waiting.
    Buying one of those is some big dough. If you have enouph money to buy one of those you have enouph money to retire.

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  • Bulldog
    started a topic More Toys...I mean tools...

    More Toys...I mean tools...

    Hi Guys,
    Well, I'm thinking about turning up the wick in my business... I'm thinking pretty seriously about a big purchase, an abrasive/waterjet. I would like to know if anyone here has one or uses one. Also what to look for and what to be wery of. I have been researching this for a while but have come to appreciate all the GREAT advise that I read here. I commend (most) of the people on this site for the professionalism shown to everyone on the site.
    Thanks again!