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  • Dedicated machine or components?

    I'm still trying to decide which TIG machine to buy. I have the funds saved up, but can't make up my mind. This is also going to be my stick power source, so I want good performance with stick.

    I am looking at either the Miller 180SD with an external pulser or the Lincoln PT185. I like the features and price on the Thermal Arc 185, but am uncertain upon reliability and performance. All three of these options are about $1700 (external pulser on the 180SD will be extra).

    I am also considering trying to build a component system. I am thinking something like a Miller Dial Arc 250 AC/DC, with a high freq. box, and a external pulser. With the torch, this setup will cost me about $2700. This is getting close to the price of the Miller Dynasty 200DX setup with an aircooled torch.

    What setup will give me the best combination of TIG and stick welding. I am mostly planning using TIG on thin mild steel and 1/8" - 3/16" aluminum. Stick performance is for 1/4" - 1/2" mild steel with 6010, 6011, and 7018 rod.

    The wife is tired of me looking up specs on the computer and having Miller and Lincoln catalogs spread around the house and I can't wait to start TIG. I plan on going into my dealer Tuesday (also my birthday) and testing the machines and don't want to leave without a new machine. Gotta get a nice birthday present you know

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    Does the Dial-Arc use a foot pedal? Do you have a link to the pulser?