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    E-mail me the specifics and I'll take a gander at it. Thanks


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      Tried to E-mail, you've got it blocked through the board, won't allow an e-mail. You can e-mail me at work, address is [email protected] , and I can send details.


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        Econotig for learning?

        Originally posted by Dan - <snip> When my Econotig comes back from the repair shop, I'm going to see if Airgas will sell it for me. I should be able to get $600 to $700 for it since it is in mint condition- don't use it much since i have the Maxstar 150 STH
        Dan - I might be interested in your Econotig as a starter unit for learning TIG. Have you made a decision about selling it?


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          Originally posted by Dan

          I don t have the cool high end GMAW units like you and Scott. However, my MM 251 realistcally meets my spray transfer needs. In most cases the MM 210 outputs all the spray transfer power that I need. The higher duty cycle on the MM 251 makes it my first choice though. So the more I look at it the more the I realize the MM 350 is more of a want then a need. As far as the Passport goes, I see some definite uses for it doing repair work for my father on his farm equipment. The stick side on my sweet little Maxstar 150 sth will probably come in handy too for this same purpose when he needs some field repair work.

          The cool high end GMAW machines are nice, but I worked in a shop where all we had was a 3 phase whirly-bird CC generator for stick and a MM251. We ran 92Ar/8CO2. It was a great set up for short arc and spray. I really like the arc. I guess it's the SCR control that makes it so sweet.
          If an extra machine just for fun was in the budget it would be a MM251. It is a pleasure to use.

          I miss the portability of the D200DX as a stick machine for farm repairs and such. The PASSPORT is just the ticket although it can get costly at times. For example I have some cast iron porch railings to weld. A pound of NI99 or comparable product is less than $20. An 8 lb spool of wire is $160.