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MillerMatic DVI question from new member

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  • toolmaker
    Never mind on the last question. Looked again and found the answer.

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  • toolmaker
    Thanks for the welcome. And yes I did find and read your review. That is one of the reasons why I am considering the DVI. As far as portability goes when I regularly load up gear and the 4-wheeler, well a 170lb unit(minus tank) really isnt that much more. Besides I'm used to thowing chunks of tool steel around, and small die sets are the norm to move sometimes by myself.

    I did look at the passport but it's duty cycle(even though it's 110 cycle is better than the DVI,but limited gas quantity) was kind of what put it on the edge as another choice. But do like it for it's portability. Ohh the decisions we put ourselves in a pickle over. First it was the MM210 no holds barred, now the DVI is in the fray. Well I got plenty of time to decide, as the money isn't burning a hole in my pocket yet . One question though on the Passport, can you hook up and external tank to it, like and 80 size?Thanks for the info.

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  • HAWK


    If you did a search, then you probably found and read my review. I tested the 175 DVI for several months prior to it being released to the public market. It is a nice machine and has an arc similar to the MM210.

    The DVI 175 is not an easy machine for one man to transport. This would be a drawback for me if I were in your situation. Also if the farm wiring is old, chances are you will see a low output on any welder you plug in. An inverter with "Auto-Line" circuitry may overcome the possible low voltage input.

    There is a big difference between the DVI 175 amp top end and the 210 amps of the MM210. For me it would mean the difference between being able to spray arc 1/4" material or not. The DVI will break in and out of the spray mode with 92% Ar/8% CO2. I did not test this machine with any Argon/Oxygen mixtures. It may or may not spray better with a 98 Ar/2% O2 or even a 95% Ar/5% O2 mix. It runs a great short arc with C25. I do think 3/16" is the maximum steel thickness this machine will safely weld. Let me clarify by saying I do not want the DVI 175 for fabricating trailer hitches from 1/4" mild steel. I would have no problem using the MM210 for this task.

    The MM210 is spoolgun ready and that is a plus. Given its extra amperage, duty cycle, and ability to spray it has my vote. The biggest reason for the DVI is if 120 VAC is an important factor in your decision.

    MONKEY WRENCH IN THE WORKS****************

    Take a long hard look at the PASSPORT. It has similar capabilites to the MM210 as far as welding 3/8" steel in a single pass. Of course the duty cycle is greatly reduced. It is more than portable at 65 lbs including a full 12 ounce internal CO2 cylinder, 10lb wire spool, torch, power cord, ground clamp, and side bag. The CO2 cylinder will get you about 30 feet of weld using .030" wire on 3/16" mild steel. Now that is portable!

    It will push 140 amps on 120 VAC and 180 amps on 240 VAC (or 110 and 220 VAC as your situation dictates). These amps are produced by an inverter engine. What this means in basic terms is a great arc with more power than the same output amperage from a transformer machine. It will do anything you want form 25 gauge sheet steel to 3/8" steel plate. I forgot to mention the "Auto-Line " circuitry.

    It has a 2 position inductance push button control for mild steel and harder stainless wires. The plugs are the same as the DVI. It has a slow run in and some other fine tunings that create a fantastic arc on mixed gas as well as CO2 with little to no spatter. However, these wonderful arc attributes preclude it from running aluminum very well at all. It does not do well pushing through the M10 torch or spooling with the SGA controller /spoolgun hook up.

    The PASSPORT seems like it meets your needs for the home and farm unless a high duty cycle at the upper end and or aluminum welding is a great concern for your application. Since you are considering the DVI and the MM210 check out the PASSPORT. It offers the best of both worlds and is made for the MRO on the go.

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  • toolmaker
    started a topic MillerMatic DVI question from new member

    MillerMatic DVI question from new member

    Have visited here a couple of times in the last week researching the DVI. Decided to go ahead and register- quite a bit of good infomation shared on here.

    My question is has there been anymore feedback generated from anybody that has been using the DVI? I have searched the forum and have read good results about it but just wanted to know more. I am looking at purchasing one because I like the ability of it to switch between 115/230v. This would help if I ever need to take it down to the farm with me for a temporary repair.( the house is over 100 yrs old so you can figure out the wiring is not that up to date. The place is basically used as a hunting/fishing getaway year round.) Right now it's a toss up between this and the MM210.( the 210 wouldn't be able to travel)

    As far as experience with welding I use a Syncrowave 250, and a MM210 at work. We also have a Hobart Ironman210 but it hardly gets touched with the other 2 being around. Not an expert, but not a rookie with them either.

    Any new info would be appreciated. Thanks, and also like to say this is a pretty nice site.