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    Do the early 300DX's lack the pulse feature?

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    Originally posted by flash_burn
    Do the early 300DX's lack the pulse feature?
    All the DX's have pulse... but I didn't know any of them were considered old already.


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      Well it's a 1998 model with knobs and toggle switches instead of the buttons used on the current versions. Tried to download the manual for it but it is a purchase item right now. Don't see the pulse function on the control panel.


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        You are correct. That was the 1st generation D300 and does not have pulse. I believe it does have sequencing. It is a nice machine. Andy still has one in his shop. There is a 2nd generation Dynasty 300 with push buttons arranged in a stair-step fashion from left to right on the front panel. This unit and the current (3rd generation) do have the pulse function on the DX series. If the price is right I do not know that the absence of pulse would be a deal breaker. A PC-300 will get you up to 300PPS with an inverter power source. I saw one used on EBAY yesterday for $152 and some change.


        That is an older version and I do not recall seeing many in our area. BTW: Anything happening? [email protected]


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          Hawk, Thank you. Could you tell me what size breaker is required for 230volt 1 phase use? Thanks.


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            You would have to get that info from the machine. It will outline the requirements to feed it.. Available breakers are available up to 300 amps depending on the incomming panel that you have. My shop is limited to 200 amps, max load, no mas available
            My main reason for going Dynasty


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              FLASH BURN,

              Take a look at the manual as lamberson suggested. I can tell you what I do, but there are so many variables: service size, wire size, length of run, type of breaker, etc. See what the manual states. Miller is very good at putting down the correct wiring requirements. If you have additional questions, a qualified electrician is the best way to go.