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Another Roll Cage Thread...TIG

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  • FM117
    ER70s-6 is the rod, some use 1/16 or 3/32 for that type of
    tube. I like the 3/32 better myself, seems easier to get the
    size bead I like. I'll use a 1/16in tungsten 2% thoriated ( red)
    and change gas cup size as needed to get in to the weld joint.
    I try to avoid really small cups unless there's no choice.
    You also may want a short backcap for the torch.
    Dave P.

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  • Spoolup89

    Pull up the tigdepot site.They have a section on tube welding it may help.When I installed my cage I used 1/16 filler but I made the joints fit very tight.Good luck with your project.

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  • Scho
    started a topic Another Roll Cage Thread...TIG

    Another Roll Cage Thread...TIG

    I have searched and cannot find the answers I need. I recently plunged into the world of TIG welding and started to fabricate some parts for my track car. I am planning on getting into Club Racing soon and would like to fab my own roll cage.

    My question is what size electrode and filler metal should be used for 1.75"OD x.095"wall thickness and 1.75"ODx.125"wall thickness tubing. The cage will be made of mild steel DOM tubing. I have talked to several local cage builders and it seems they use very different sizes of filler material from 1/16" to 1/8". I obviously plan on practicing more tubing welds before putting my life on the line with my own cage.

    After coming across this forum, it seemed like Andy and others could let me know what would provide the safest and strongest cage possible.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.