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Big Blue 251D govenor problem HELP

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  • Big Blue 251D govenor problem HELP

    My husband is currently looking at a Big Blue 251 D that is a mid 90's model. The salesman said it was "running too fast," and that therefore it had govenor problems. Does anyone have any idea what it would take to fix that? He'll sell it to us for $1500. It is supposed to weld fine. It is in a rental fleet and he said they haven't had time to work on it. My husband and his uncle could do the repair work themselves. We just want to have some sort of idea for the price range on a govenor.

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    Hi Mary, it may just need an adjustment.


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      Do you think it is worth buying?


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        How much too fast? It could be the high idle speed needs adjustment.
        If it is running wild then it needs work that could get kind of pricey.
        Check your local diesel injection shop for an estimate before you buy.


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          If you went out today and bought a new 250 D NT it would cost you over 7,000. Make sure it welds, and does all the things that it is supposed to do. On the running a little fast i'm sure MIKE is right on, Does it look ok ( not all beat up bad)? Without being there, and not knowing how it runs,welds I can't give you an honest opinion. If it were me and i ran into one for that price, and it even just ran, it would go home with me. Just my humble opinion. Hope that I didn't confuse you more. Have a nice day!
          250NT/ 3545 MM210/ 3035 Trailblazer 302


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            I'd check the hour meter on the engine, but sounds like a good deal, if the housing isn't all beat up. Nothing worse than a machine that is beat up. Ya know, image means a lot pulling up on a job First impressions when you pull up to certify for a job, can make or break you with the Spec. You can pass certification, but odd things can bust you out.