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Max power input, MM175?

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    Originally posted by storts
    I have a map somewhere, that shows the states on home inspection, if you are talking building inspectors, in my part of the world,N.E. it is a appointed position, and every buildinspecter i worked with, except Killingworth,where i live, they are contracters that could not make it there own buisness!!! and were politaly connected,I dont play that game, because its going to come back and bite ya on the ***,,,and they love the power trip, as a home inspector, you cant shut down a job,,1/2 of the course is all about there code of ethiccs,,,when a building inspector is hired and employed through the town or city,and the Power trip they are on,If your wondering what im doing, could not sleep,and if i can help some one thats my nature,wish I had somebody that gave me all the info first, The state read off a 3 year old web page,That the laws in ct. are complty different now,,,if not i would have gone into indepent Ins. adjuster, which you dont need a lincence for,We live in the Ins. cap.,thats Hartford ct.and our capital, Ins cos, love to hire independants, instead of full time employess,,no bennies to pay for, taxes,etc.sorry this is so long, But its the only way to explain it,again, if you need any addvice that i can help you with,Jusk ask,I have always treated people the way i want to be treated!!! and it works, But you still have to look out for the people that will take advantage of you,That you learn over the years,and they dont treat it in classrooms, sounds like your head is screwed on the proper way, and I coomend you for that,and that engineering degree will help you Tremdesly in the long run! Jack
    A good cabinet maker,and or custom funiture builder, will make out good in this state,There aren to many good CRAFTSMAN around any more, and that takes a special talent, to me and Mig, welding is somethinng we do in our sleep,,Custom cabinets,and furniture, Im sure i could do it, Just all different tools,,and they have not invented wood welding rod yet You get my drift, and keep looking ahead Jack