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  • Updated drift boat pics

    It's still going pretty good, this is a learning project and I've learned a lot. I definately over welded everything... Next time I will use less wire. On another note, my gas solenoid is sticking on my 350p, if I shut the machine off and turn it back on it will usually stop, what a pain, climb out of the boat , down the ladder, then back up and in. Wasted a lot of argon.
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    Dynasty 200DX
    mm350P,Trailblazer 301g
    Spoolmatic 30A
    R115, XR30A, SP32
    TD cutmaster 38 plaz
    PowCon 300sm w/feeder
    Lincoln Hi-Freq
    '05 Topkick Crew 4x4 Duramax Edge Juice w/Att 12' bed

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    That is very impressive work. A guy with a new MM210 has a problem with both of his solenoids leaking. My old Hobart went for twenty years before I got a piece of crud stuck in the seat. I cleaned it out and all was well.


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      That's awesome!!

      But wont all that aluminum suck the heat out of your bum??

      You could actually have a solenoid problem. There was a vendor issue not too long ago where they put the wrong springs in the solenoids and they wouldn't shut off. It would leak anytime though and you say that if you turn the unit off and on it's ok?? That sounds like a micro processor hic-up. In either case it's a fairly easy fix. Call the service dept. If you are far away from a service station, they should send the stuff right to you.



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        Thats quite a project your taking on. Looks like your doing a great job. Keep posting progress pics.


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          Overwelded? Ha! That's a slick thing you're building there. Bet you everyone who sees it will want to know "What kind of boat is that? Where'd ya get it?".

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