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Got the MM185 working good again

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  • Got the MM185 working good again

    I posted a couple of weeks ago about my MM185 troubles. I would have posted back sooner but my computer took a nose dive, and I had to put in a new hard drive and reload all the software. I was having problems with the wire was burning back, so I changed spools,tips, and on and on. Well, I pulled out the liner and cleaned it out with a radio tuner cleaner spray (ether I think). Then I cleaned all the other torch parts and drive rolls too. I even took the cover off and blew out the inside, and cleaned the contactor. After I reassembly, it works great. Looks like the liner was the biggest problem. When I cleaned it out a lot of black crud came out with the cleaner.
    Thanks for the help, got nice smooth arcs again!

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    Fantastic: sounds like it didn't cost a fortune either, weld on!