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    I recently bought an Econotig machine, and I'm having a little trouble welding with it. I am getting a crusty looking build-up on my electrode, what could cause this? Are there any good references out there on learning the Tig process? Thanks.

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    miller site

    you can download millers tig book for free or order it from them. the miller student pack has the same tig book in it. $25.00 to your door
    thanks for the help
    hope i helped
    feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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      Welcome ecd!

      Could be a number of things to discolor. Bad gas, too high or too low flow rates, not clean material or missmatched base metal and filler material....

      Here is a link to the MILLER educational materials site where you can download a book on TIG welding.
      It should help.

      Welcome again.



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        WeldingDepot has a very informative book on tig welding. It's a 272 pg. hard cover with test question at the end of every chapter. I think I paid around $30 for it.


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          Also make sure you haven't contaminated your tungsten by touching your filler material to it. That will also cause a poor weld and the tungsten getting crusty. I've never used an econotig so I don't know if the postflow is adjustable you may want to increase your postflow so the elements in the air don't contaminate the tungsten.

          Also a good way to learn TIG is to take pieces of scrap and simply puddle weld them like you would with oxyacetelyne welding. This will get you in the hang of pushing the puddle down the joint to be welded. After you become proficient at pushing the puddle then work on adding the filler. Take your time and don't try to rush yourself, everyone learns at a different rate but the one thing we all have in common is it took practice to perfect our skills and they're still not perfected yet as we're always learning something new every day about welding even those of us who've done it for 20 years and more.

          Good luck with your adventures in TIG
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