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  • Ultra sonic sound waves

    Many moons ago I once saw a person welding on a chassis and he was also using a machine that put ultra sonic sound\vibrations into it, when I asked the reason behind this he claimed that it helps stress relief the weld making for stronger joints. Anybody familiar with this and have any imput on if it is a common practice, we have had to do some major repairs to our Modifieds and I am wondering if it something that would help make for a better\stronger welds?

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    This was looked at a number of years ago by some of the big teams. For the most part, with a mild steel chassis, it wasn't needed. I could see some benefits of doing all 4130 chassis this way. The main thing is to make sure after stress relieving, recheck your suspension pick up points and make sure the geometry has stayed the same. The ultra sonic works great on suspension parts like control arms and such but would be over kill on the mods.

    Good question.



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      this is an acceptable meathod of stress relief by some buyers but most still want thermal.
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        I have heard of this but know nothing about it.Ruffly how much would such a setup cost?
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