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    I just purchased a pc-300 and have it connected to a shopmaster 300 with a high frequency hf251 box. Im going water cooled with a coolmate 3 snd everything is self explanatory so far except for the pc-300. I will be welding roll cages and frames that are 1/8" thick how do i set up the four dials on the pc-300. I was told by the sales person that the high was set to the usual welding amps for the 1/8" steel metal. Low is set at 1/2 to 2/3 below high.
    Cycles per second to .75 to 1. Percent on time to 50 % and down. Does that sound right to anyone. I havent tried this yet Im still getin it all wired up.

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    You may have to turn your main amps up a little higher as you do lose some overall power in the low cycle of the pulse. Your pps sound right on and the back ground amps should be anywhere between 25% - 35%. Peak time at 50% is a good start and a range of 40% - 70% is common.

    Good luck!