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what happened to my 200dx ?

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  • what happened to my 200dx ?

    i was doing some aluminum welding today. layed some bead, few inch's. then i went to start another bead, nothing. i'm like, . i check connections, all good. settings didn't change. hmmmmm. i think i'll shut it off, then try it again. worked fine after that. what happened ? its like the high frequency start wasn't working. then reset itself.

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    Blown S-10,

    It sounds like you had a frosted tungsten tip. Next time this happens try scratching the tungsten tip on the aluminum to clean the frosting. Then strike the arc. If it works, then it is just frosting. No biggie.


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      i did scratch it, got an arc. but not a good arc. i also put a fresh ground tungston in it, didn't make a difference. i wonder if it was a overload protection ? i don't remember if the fan was on, but i don't think it was, could be wrong.


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        Blown. Are you ,or can you ground directly to the work piece?

        Regency 200 w/30A
        Dynasty 200 dx
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        MM350-P w/30A


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          i thought it may be a poor ground. moved the part around, no. got a piece of scrap, no. the only thing that fixed it was rebooting it.


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            Blown S-10,

            Are you still having the problem? If so, have it checked by a local dealer. It usually takes no more than an hour to check out a D200DX. If you need parts Miller will ship the same day most days. If the part is not stock it is pulled from line production and your dealer will have it in 2 days. Keep us informed.


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              its working fine.