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    Andy can you tell me when this unit was manafactured and when it was reported sold? I looking at buying this unit and wonder how much waranty remains? If any. Thanks LE 064379

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    Hi, that machine was manufactured sometime in 2004. At the miller web sit they have a serial number reference chart. But it seems to be a bit out of date, only goes to 2003. Starting in 1980, it seems at the start of every decade they start the 2 letter prefix with an A in the second digit for the first year (LA=2000), a B for the second year(LB=2001), and so on. That machine has an LE, which would put it at 2004. My machine that I bought last October also has an LE. You can go to their website, the chart might illustrate it better than i'm explaining it... I would provide a link if I knew how to do it.


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      MangleWeld and MW2,

      Click SN CHART to be re-directed to the chart MW2 described.


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        There are several ways to provide a link to a particular web page. The easiest is to highlight the web address (URL) in the address bar at the top of your web browser and copy it. Then paste it into your post.

        Using your mouse place the cursor on the address bar and right click once. This will highlight the web address. Then choose copy from the list displayed on screen. The list should come up when you right mouse click. Another way to utize the "copy" function is to hold down the CRTL button at the bottom left of your keyboard then press and release the the letter "c". Be sure to hold the CTRL down until after you release the letter "c". Then navigate to the post you are writing and again right mouse click within the post and choose paste. An alternate method is to left mouse click within the thread and then use CTRL and "v". Be sure to hold down CTRL until after your release "v".

        Try this and see if it works for you. If so, post or email at [email protected] and you we will cover hyper links.


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          Hi Hawk, I did as you mentioned. That was easy enough. Thanks for the tutorial.


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            Cool huh? Now if want to insert a hyperlink on this forum the software makes it real easy. Just left mouse click on the hyperlink symbol (9th symbol from the left). It looks like a blue globe with a chain link. When it opens type the text you want to display your web link such as SN CHART. Click OK in the hyperlink window. Then paste the copied web address (URL) into the open white box that appears after you enter the text and click okay. Then preview your post and you can click on the hyperlink to test it. Let me know.


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              Yea...that thing's about new. I can check the date it was sold to the dealer but if you could get a sales ticket from the guy that shows the date he picked it up as the warranty starts then.