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Plasma dross???

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  • Plasma dross???

    Ok, i used to have a cutmaster 38 never had any dross or cut quality problems, Well it's dead .
    So now i have a Spectrum 375, seems no matter what i do I have excess dross and cut quality is lacking.( 1/8" 3/16" 1/4") Drag cutting , Stand off, Different amp settings, same results.Not satisfactory.
    Would it help to turn up the air pressure? Never had to with the cutmaster.
    Different machine,Different animals.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appriciated.

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    Hi migmaniac70, have you ever tried cutting over water? I tried it, just gambling that it would help. Oh my God what a difference it makes, like night and day. Try it you’ll like it!
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      I have read that before,It's funny you should mention it though,Because i was just thinking about cutting a 2x3 foot hole in my welding table and putting a 6inch deep catch pan with a drain plug and put about 3 inches of water in it with a grating of some sort over the top of the hole.
      The pieces i cut arnt very big so it should be big enough.
      Sound like a good idea?Probably help catch all the cutting dust as well. Gets old sweeping that crap up all the time.

      ( off topic) Miss your post over on Hobarts board,I am Migmaniac over there.
      At least now i know where to come to read your informative post.


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        You know I really doubted it would work. So not wanting to put to much time and money in it, I poor manned it, (BIG MISTAKE). Also not wanting to cut out the bracing in the legs of my machine. So trying to get the biggest tank I could out of a 4’ x 8’ sheet of 16 Ga. I made a tank 3-foot wide and 8-foot long. Not wanting to cut the legs (see tank 2 picture) this put the water level 8-inches from the top of the grates. It works well, but I do believe if the water were closer it would do a better job. It really helps with the dust also. Yeah I miss some of you too!


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          I'll give it a shot, If it dont work and i still ahve the same crappy results i'm taking it back. It's only about a week old. I am not impressed that much with it. For what it cost it should be impressing the crap out of me.