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Maximum Voltage Mig Welding

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  • Maximum Voltage Mig Welding

    Is there a maximum and minimum voltage for Mig Welding?

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    Here is a good read:


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      Re. Maximum Voltage Mig Welding

      Thanks Mike,

      The open voltage on the Thunderbolt is 75VDC dropping to 55 VDC at 100 amps. Acording to the charts this is twice as much as required. The AC side of the rectifier measures 55 VAC and this times 1.414 is 75 volts which is peak. The funny thing is, the name plate on the Thunderbolt says 25v @ 100amps. Well I guess It's going up for sale,[B] even though it sure lays down a pretty bead as a stick welder


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        Mike W,

        That is an interesting article. I find the 14-44 volts adequate for most any application. 10-36 volts is more commonly seen in 1 phase welders and or 1/3 phase"Auto-Line" units.


        The Thunderbolt does have a nice stick arc. However, this machine is a CC machine with a drooping volt-amp curve. I just won't MIG weld. The DC output is not clean enough to drive a CC feeder. What kind of GMAW machine are you thinking about? What is it you want or need to weld as far as material(s) and thickness range?

        Just of the cuff the MM210 is a great machine capable of light production use and 3/8" mild steel in a single pass. It is also spool gun ready with gun on demand. When you pull the trigger on the MIG torch or the spool gun the MM210 knows which contactor to close and goes to town.