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proper tungsten taper & tip dia. for syncrowave 350LX

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  • proper tungsten taper & tip dia. for syncrowave 350LX

    I was just looking at the diamond ground tungsten application for some free electrode samples.I am a little confused.I have been considering trying some of their preground tungsten electrodes,but they ask for taper and tip diameter.I have no idea of what the proper taper and tip diameter would be for use with my transformer machine.In all of my years of tig welding,I really never measured these things.I just ground the electrode by eye on a bench grinder and went to work,never really experimenting with these variables.Any suggestions would be very helpful..........

    __________________________________________________ ____________
    syncrowave 350LX
    XMT 304 with 64 series feeder with remote digital readouts
    30A spoolgun
    Pak 5XR plasma
    Miller spectrum 300 cutmate plasma
    Leblond Regal 15X54 servo shift lathe with DRO.
    3HP varispeed Wells index 12X48 vertical mill,3 axis DRO. 3 axis power feed
    and maxi-torque-rite power drawbar,30 taper Erikson spindle
    Kalamazoo H9AW horizontal bandsaw
    Kolley vertical metal cutting bandsaw
    2 set Oxweld torches with R
    R-77 2 stage regulators,W-17 torch and CW-23 cutting attachments
    Dake #3 ratcheting,compound leverage arbor press

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    This may help


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      Here is the best way to go about getting your samples. Call Jim at Dimond Ground Products. Tell him what machine you are using ( Syncro 350LX ), what material you are welding, AC or DC, and he will gladly help you. As a matter of fact he will take the order for samples over the phone and you will not have to fill in the order sheet.

      Keep in mind he is on Pacific time when placing the call. I usually call around 10:30 Pacific time as he is in and out. This is a good time to catch him.

      Jim Elizarraz
      Diamond Ground Products, Inc.
      805-498-3837 Ext. # 226
      Fax: 805-498-9347

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        Thank You to everyone for their help.You have given me a wealth of imformation that has solved my problems.I will be talking to diamond ground in the morning.I trusted that some one could help me here.

        Again thanks