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Ta Pro-wave 300tsw Compared To Dynasty 300

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  • jjohn76
    Give esab a call. They still stock the thermal Arc pro wave parts.

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  • Aeronca41
    Not much Thermal Arc discussion on this forum, but someone may have some idea to help. I cannot. Hope you can find one.

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    I locking for a votage selector sitch for my thermal arc pro wave 300tws please if anyone where i can find it thanks

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  • HAWK

    Thanks for jumping in. I knew you had a newer version and was wanting you to grab this post. Good job. I do agree with you the TA is a Sanrex and a good unit. It's arc is different than the Dynasty, but not in a bad way. I have really enjoyed some of the TA inverters through recent years, but had a falling out with the local rep and no longer have easy access to them.

    When you have the opportunity to test drive the Dynasty 300 you will be pleasantly surprised. It is a more feature rich machine with a higher price tag. I like having the 99% EN balance for welding mild steel in AC and also the 250 HZ arc frequency adjustment since I run a considerable amount of He and He/Ar mixes. The Dynasty does have dig and hot start for stick. Let me know your honest opinion when you have the time to test the Dynasty 300DX.

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  • Scott V
    I thought I let Hawk handle this one, but I guess it's up to me.

    First of this is my second prowave, with the first being a 300 gtsw.

    Lets just say it will hold it's own against a dynasty 300 .It does not go as high in the area of freq adjustment. 150 HZ on the Thermals. I also liked some things about the older gtsw better, you could reach over and change adjustments without shutting down the welder. This one you have hit the key pad, where the older style you turn a knob. The pulse is more adjustable then the older one, but the older model would go to 95% electrode negative and this one stops at 90%

    The older one also had dig for stick and hot start . The TSW only has hot start, I believe. I need to ask about that.
    The newer one has a two speed fan that is very nice feature and very quiet.

    I had my chance to get a dynasty 300 for the second time, but my Airgas out here sells way more Thermal 300 then dynasty 300.

    They have a very good track record as far as service. Very few problems.
    The main reason I bought mine was for the repeat mode and I could get most of my money back out of my old one. They also sold the machine and foot pedal for $3,520.00 The dynasty was about $700.00 more with a foot pedal.( I hate the plastic thing they call a foot pedal) I would of bought aftermarket on that deal.

    You need to try one out because it does have a very good arc to it.
    They are working on a Dynasty at Airgas now and as soon as it's up and running, I am going to test drive that unit. They took it on trade for a Thermal TSW.

    They are made by Sanrex to Thermals specs.
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  • dyn88
    I also would be interested in the input from this board, about this welder.

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  • tooldude56
    started a topic Ta Pro-wave 300tsw Compared To Dynasty 300

    Ta Pro-wave 300tsw Compared To Dynasty 300

    I just received some spec sheets and brochures to day from Thermal Arc.The Pro-wave 300TSW caught my eye,the specs. look impressive enough.Has anyone tried one??How does it compare to the miller dynasty 300??It is a 1/3 phase,208-230V/460V. machine with 5-300 amps output on AC and DC.,weighs 63.9 pounds and has 69 OCV.It features pulse and up to 5 welding parameter programs,with AC wave shaping and slope-repeat and spot tig modes.I would be interested to hear some feedback on this machine.Although I have never owned a TA welder,I can't say that I have ever heard anything bad about them.Does anyone know where this machine is made??