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The Pipepro 304 problem found!!!!!!

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    Weldingwagon had all his equipment for sale on Feb 19. He said he was leaving the business. (posted on AWS for sale board)


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      That's sad to hear. It seemed he was in a bad area to try to compete against some who felt it was THEIR territory. I hope he fairs well.

      I was at least glad to see this thread get bumped, for all the new guys that had to read the thread that caused it (Beware Pipe Pro....)


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        Originally posted by Sundown
        It takes a very sick individual to mess with a fellows work like that. And kudos to the guy who had enough guts to tell you...
        If he "wishes to remain nameless," he's obviously gutless.

        I've had a similar situation once in my past. A coworker put a drill bit or tungsten or something into the lock on my tool box. Another guy knew he did it, but wouldn't stand up and say it to the bosses. If I had the situation to do all over again, I'd have told the boss and had this witness brought in and talked to about it.

        It's about like a person that will call the police about a case of child abuse they witnessed, but won't stand up and help prosecute. It's gutless.

        Talk to the union steward, or others high up in the union. This guy has likely broken some sort of rules or codes...and should be ejected from the union.