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Problem 2, XR Feeder

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  • Problem 2, XR Feeder

    While trying to solve my aluminum welding problem, it was suggested that I buy an XR Push & Pull setup, which seemed like a good idea to me. I checked the miller website for specs and was surprised to learn the XR is advertised to work with CV, CV/CC, or CC machines. I checked the owner's manual and it shows the use of a voltage sensing lead when operating with a CC power source. I called my local dealer, and then Miller to ask if it would work with my Dialarc 250 which is CC. Both replied the XR won't operate with a C machine. Why is it advertised in the literature as being used with a CC power source if you can't use it? Why would the Dialarc be different from any other CC power source? I'd gladly buy a $2000 Push Pull system if my power source would work, but add in a minumum $2000 power soucre, and I simply can't afford a $4000 welder for aluminum. I'd really appreciate it if someone could explain why this won't work rather than the statement I have been getting. Thanks in advance for any help.

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    I suggest you get to the correct people at Miller to get an accurate answer to your question. 1-920-735-4505. Ask to speak to someone in the applications department for the XR feeder. These guys know what is going on. If they do not have the exact answer they can put you in touch with the engineers familiar with that device. Miller is a big company and you can definitely get a bad answer if you are in the wrong department.

    I can tell you the XR welds like a dream with the EDGE gun when powered from a true CV power source such as the XMT series or even the Trailblazer.


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      Tony.....there are a few different versions of the XR feeder. make sure your unit will actually work with a cc machine. a call to miller tech will definitely help, but the owner's manual section in the miller service section of will also help. I had a situation where a customer wanted his xr feeder hooked up to a red machine. the information he gave me was wrong about his feeder, and I was having troubles building a patch cord for the 42 v system. i finally went to his shop and picked up his xr feeder, and it was an XR-A feeder that ran on 110v.