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    delete this please... thank you
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    Brass Monkey

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    Brass Monkey,


    We are glad to have you aboard. Ask away as there are many knowledgeable hobby and professional welders here that can help. I feel confident that with your years of tigging cast Al and brazing with SiBR you have lots to contribute here. Jump in!


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      Welcome to the board.


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        Thanks for the welcome guys.To start off with I am lost with the cp300 mig. I have been welding both steel and aluminum with the cp300 i have the co2argon mix for steel and the straight argon for aluminum. Im using .035 wire er70 for steel and.045 wire 4043 for aluminum. But I'm confused about the settings to achieve the best welds. I most recently mig welded 1/4" thick tubular frames (steel) and I wasnt satisfied with the asthetics(looks) of the weld although i am confident that it is sturdy.I just cant get the beads to look pretty.I am certain the machine is up to par. When I get a chance I will run a few beads(steel and aluminum) and post the pics. Maybe you guys can give me some tips on what the **** I am doing wrong or not doing at all. Another question is >can I mig cast aluminum and have the welds ground down (for looks) and expect to find NO porosity?or is that a job strictly for the tig? The welds have to be ground down per order of the customer they are benches going in front of the Fidelity building in boston. The people from fidelity saw the benches I welded for the World Trade Center in Boston and wanted some very simular ones and I tried to mig them to save some time on the job but the porosity became to much and had to be tigged over to clean it up of course the benches were all made from cast aluminum.
        Brass Monkey