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Questions for Andy about my XMT/64 digital feeder combo

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  • Questions for Andy about my XMT/64 digital feeder combo

    Hi Andy;
    I have a couple questions about my XMT and 64 digital feeder.Does the XMT have an internal hour meter?I ask this because I found out from a miller rep. that my syncrowave 350LX has one.I am thinking about selling my welders to update and since I know that my machines have very low hours,this may help them bring a reasonable selling price.My 4 year old syncrowave has approx. 25 hours on it.Another thing that I was wondering about is calibration on my XMT or my feeder.The volt meter on the XMT will read approx. 3 volts less than the meter on the feeder.I seldom look at the meter on the powersource,since I have meters on the feeder,so it has not been any problem.It is just something that I was always a little curious about.I also want to mention,that I have owned many miller welders over the years,along with a fair amount of other brands and Blue has always been true to me.Though I have had very few problems over the years,My distributor and Miller were always there to take care of it,ASAP.

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    Good questions.
    No the XMT doesn't have an internal hr meter. Would be a nice feature. The reason your meters are different is depending on the years of your machines, the 2 meters read different areas. The feeder meter read the voltage at the arc and the XMT read voltage at the output studs. With cable length involved, this could read different. On later models, the feeder took it's volt meter reading from a signal from the XMT so they read the same even though the actual weld voltage may be off. This was due to all these people saying that the meters were not calibrated. This is untrue. They are but they are reading different areas of the weld circuit. To squelch the people that are trying to get ISO certs, we made the change to make all the meters read the same.
    You may have to call service department to see if there is a kit to change yours or you can adjust your feeder to read the same as the XMT with the calibration pots on the feeder meter pcb.

    Hope this helps.



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      Hi Andy;
      Thanks for the quick reply.By the way,I purchased the XMT setup around Christmas of 1998 and this has been a fantastic machine.The serial prefixes are KJ and one thing that I do remember,was that the digital kit was added on by the dealer and the feeder was just a standard 64 when it left Miller.Also the digital kit originaly came with green digit meters and I had a problem with one of the meters,so the dealer replaced the complete board/meter setups with the new red digit meters.I will check with Miller tomorrow,You have my curiosity now.As for the internal hour meter,would'nt that be a great feature on the XMT?I know that I have used approx. 150# of .035 wire on this machine and stick welded a couple of hours,but it would be great to be able to know the hours.

      Thanks again for your time Andy..........................



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        No problemo'

        Say, do you have to use the volt sense lead when you use the feeder to get the meters to work? It's that little black lead coming from the back of the feeder that you clip to the gnd or base metal. If so, then you have the old style. If not, then the meter just needs to be set to the machine. The dealer may not have set it correctly.



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          Hi Andy;
          No,I do not use a volt sensing lead,unless it is the small blue lead that appears to come from the feeder motor or that area and attaches to the rear of the aluminum drive assembley housing near the ground cable with a small screw.I have looked inside the feeder,looking for the pot to adjust this,but the only pots that I could find on the meter boards,did not change the calibration when adjusted.I carefuly marked them and set them back to their original setting.Its realy not a problem,just something that I was curious about,besides we are only looking at tenths of a volt.On another note,I have been looking at the new MM350P to replace the XMT when I sell it.Do You think I will be happy with it after being spoiled by the great arc characteristics of the XMT?? The only reason that I have for selling the XMT is that I am itchy for a new toy and I can live with a little less machine,I suppose.
          Thanks Andy...............
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            The 350P blows the XMT away on aluminum. On steel, they are very similar except the 350P will do the lighter stuff better than the XMT. I'm sure the XMT product manager won't like to hear this but.....(i think he knows anyway)