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Help with tig torch and hookups

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  • Help with tig torch and hookups

    I just got a AIRCO Heliwelder V 250 AC/DC and need everything else to do tig welding for steel and aluminum in our harley shop. The welder came with the stick cables only. All I have bought so far is a foot control. It is a model 250 but the knob has settings that go up to 310 amps. If anyone can give me a list of what all I will need to buy to make this happen and what brands also would really help us. I will also attach some pictures that shows the connections we have now.
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    I assume by the pic that it's water cooled. I would go to your dealer where you get argon gas and get a Tig hook up kit and water cooled #20 size torch. There are many types and price ranges. The cheapest have hard plastic lines and are 12ft. Make sure you get some thoriated and pure or zirconiated tungsten in 1/16 and 3/32 size. You will also need a gas flow meter, if it didn't come with one, and some tig coolant and whatever filler rod in 1/16 and 3/32 for the material you are welding.



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      tig torch

      I have always been happy with Weldcraft torches.Call your local distrubuter and tell then what you have for a machine and what your applications will be mainly and they should be able to suit you up easily.Here is the link to Weldcraft. HOPE THIS HELPS YOU
      Brass Monkey