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Power cord adapter for Dynasty 200DX

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  • Power cord adapter for Dynasty 200DX

    First, I have searched and read as much as I could about how people have made adapters for the D200DX (and Maxstar). Maybe soomeone has a good idea though on how to do this for my situation...
    I have a 20A 220V circuit (and wall outlet) that was installed last year to run my table saw. This is usually not used as the table saw is stored most of the time. I also have a 50A 220V circuit being used for my aircompressor, and this is used all the time. Finally, I have a 20A 110V circuit for the garage, a general circuit that is running the deep freezer, grinders, etc.
    I want to be able to use my dynasty with either 110V (mobile occasions) or 220V (typical use at home).
    First, can I use my 20A 220V circuit as is and get everything out of the Dynasty, or am I going to have problems blowing the breaker? If so, this is the easiest as it is already there (and sheetrocked over). If this is not enough, I will have to upgrade the circuit to 30A, not a huge deal, but kind of a pain considering the sheetrock. This is also more costly (changing the outlet, wire, breaker, and table saw plug).
    Second, can someone recommend how to do an adapter set safely. I don't want someone accidently plugging in a 110V appliance into the 220V because they used an adapter. I am thinking of wiring the machine with the 220V plug directly (whether 20 or 30A depending on the above discussion), so I can just plug it in at home like that. Then I can make an adapter using a 110V male plug at one end, and a 220V female mate to the 20 or 30A plug on the other end. Does this sound reasonable? Do I have to use the locking type of plugs for this (they sure are pricey...)
    Thanks for all the help,

    The welder should be here next week, so I would like ot be prepared if possible.

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    That is the way my adapter is made.



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      Thanks Pjseaman, I think that the method of using a 220V plug for the adapter to prevent inadvertantly plugging in a 110V item is good, but what about using a 20A circuit? My train of though is that 20A 220V is twice as much power as 20A 110V, but is it enough?


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        you have the right ideal on the adapter as for the locking type , no you dont need to use them odds are youre cord wont be getting pulled on and if it dose get triped over i would rather the pigtail come undone then it be locked on and pull my dynasty off the shelf or cart.

        a 20 Amp 220V circuit might limit you a bit on the top end but i dought it.the book calls for 20.8 as max in 220V i would try it and see how it dose if it starts poping the breaker the upgrade.if it were an easy fix for ya i would say upgrade but if not just run it and see you may not need to upgrade.
        thanks for the help
        hope i helped
        feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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