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  • Contamination

    I've been lurking for awhile and decide to join. First I would like hi to everybody.
    Here is my problem with my first Tig machine, a Maxstar 150 STL.
    Please look at these pictures first.

    This was done on a ss pipe, the weld in the bottom picture had 308ss filler, clean 3/32 tungsten, very clean work piece, no spatter at all, nice arc at 60amps ad 15+ cfm.
    The problem is the weld do not come out shiny like the should. They were all covered with these black stuffs no matter what kinda of adjustments I did. I even went and put Teflon on all of the gas connection. I was told it could be contaminated or wrong gas, i went and got a new cylinder and the problem reamain! Does anybody else have any idea?

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    it would appear to me that you either use to much heat or dont travel fast enough. Please post your machine settings.
    Trailblazer 302g
    super s-32p
    you can never know enough


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      Here is the setting:
      Maxstar 150 STL
      Tried all kinda of heat setting ranging from 10 amp to 100amps
      Tried all kinda of gas setting ranging from 10 cfm to 25 cfm
      Tried spot weld, fusion weld, with filler, all with the same result.


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        It's hard to say not being there but it looks like too hot or too high arc length. You need to be right close the the piece you are welding with out touching. The arc looks wide. Is the polarity right on the machine?? Electrode Negative.