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  • I did it also...

    This is starting to sound like a broken record, but put me down for a Dynasty 200DX purchase also. Thanks to everyone who answered questions, and this forum for great archives and easy searches. Here is the list of stuff coming:
    Dynasty 200DX
    Miller Tig Torch Package, DTP17R
    N/S Finger Control Kit
    200A Tweco stinger and cable
    SSC footcontrol
    Various Lanthiated Tungsten

    Hopefully I remembered everything. I did go to different places (B&R, Cyberweld, SSC) for the stuff to save some money. Hopefully the finger control works out for out of position welding, or should I say hopefully I can use it well... a lot of my welding will be out of position automotive work.
    Thanks again for all the help!

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    Great!! Welcome to the fast lane



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      verry cool

      looks like quite the starter packet ya got going there.
      i also got the ssc foot controle (havent tryed it yet but like the feel of it )

      if the finger controle dosent work for you lots have had good results with the push butten on/off option. (just some food for thought)

      you will have to give us all a report on the SSC and how you like it
      thanks for the help
      hope i helped
      feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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        Thanks for the rec on the push button. I considered it, but was worried about the machine settings. I didn't want to be under a car (for instance), and be ready to weld when I find out that I set the sequencing incorrectly, whether it is current, or whatever. I will force myself to learn a finger control, whether it is the one I purchased or a homemade one I brew up.
        I can't wait to start playing. It should be interesting because I have never Tig'd before, only gas, arc and mig.


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          Keep us in the loop of progress achieved, we like hearing the good with the troubles. I look foreward to your posts to come.

          Weld well, weld safe!