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Miller Bluestar 2E, What do you Know About Them

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  • Miller Bluestar 2E, What do you Know About Them

    I have a chance to buy an older (mid 80's) Bluestar 2E. Were these good machines and how much would one be worth, or what would be a good price assuming it is good working condition? It has a Tecumseh engine which doesn't excite me.

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    I started outwith a Bluestar 2E. It was a good little machine. I got it used from a rental fleet in '84 for $500. Sold it in '88 for $550. They have some quirks. The battery needs to be in good shape at all times. If it stops welding right or gets rough, check the batt. Low or weak batt = rough to bad weld output. Sounds weird, but everytime it happened I put a battery charger on it and it worked like new. FWIW, I wasn't thrilled with the Tecumseh either. Leaked a good bit of the time. I was told this was normal for that engine. You could always replace it with something to your liking.

    Price would depend on the shape, motor cond, etc. I've seen some on eBay start at $1200. That was about what a new one cost...maybe a little more. $500ish is still a good enough price for a 20+ year old air cooled machine in good shape. Less is always better.

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