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AC Hertz control advantages

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  • AC Hertz control advantages

    I am relatively new to this site, and have read quite a few posts concerning bead shaping while welding aluminum with the newer machines (inverters). Most offer not only control over + and - balance of the AC square wave but also the power to alter the normal 60 Hertz input to a variable Hertz on the output side of the machine, thus arc shaping.

    I bought my Lincoln Square Wave Tig 355 in 1995. Correct me if I am wrong, Miller came out just after that period of time with the Aerowave which had the adjustable Hz. output and an extra $3000.00 list price.

    My questions are, what am I missing without the ‘arc shaping’ capability of the newer machines? What is the realistic advantage, or benefit you gain from having this control?

    I am interested in your experiences when this feature has come in handy or as a necessity.

    Thank you in advance for your response.

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    Reducing the frequency will spread the arc, and increasing the frequency will narrow the arc allowing more penetration with less HAZ.


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      Originally posted by pjseaman
      Reducing the frequency will spread the arc, and increasing the frequency will narrow the arc allowing more penetration with less HAZ.

      I understand your post, HAZ is an important consideration especially with aluminum. What I do not grasp is what am I missing out on, or limited to, because I do not have a Hertz control on my machine?

      Where have you found, to employ Hz. adjustment to be necessary over a conventional square wave machine? Is it simply a user friendly convenience or a direct benefit to a quality weld?


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        VBI: If you needed to rebuild an edge and wanted a really narrow beat to square the edge you could do a regular build pass and increase the Htz and put down the final weld to finish the corner{outside corner}.

        At the PRI show I saw ANDY demo this feature very well, he actually put a bead on the edge of a piece of aluminum {14ga I think}, I am not that able, but It is nice to see the potential, even if I can't do it yet!

        At PRI a pro aluminum welder sat down and welded a few beads and ANDY started showing him the features of the dynasty. The man was so impressed he said "wrap it up, I'll take it" and he had a shop full of syncro's already.



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          Thanks Paul, don't you see my signature,"saving for dyn 300".. The wrap it up really tells me how great these machines are, especially coming from a pro. Take care.


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            Another benefit is that when using a blend with a high Helium content, you can crank up the frequency to thin the bead giving a mch faster travel speed.


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              You will love it especially comparing it side by side with a syncro. Don't get me wrong the syncro is a fantastic machine but this is a new world with inverter technology! Both machines have their places but in another 15 years they will likely be extinct.