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Best places in Las Vegas to buy metal.

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  • Best places in Las Vegas to buy metal.

    Hello All!

    I just got my first welder, a Miller 210, and now I have to start getting metal to practice on.

    Anyone have any recommendations on where to get material cheap in Las Vegas to learn to MIG on? What should I ask for when I get there, and how much should it be? I heard the term "Drops" for small pieces to practice on, is that right?


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    I have found the cheapest material prices from my local scrap yard.. If you are looking for material to practice on this is a great resource for stuff to burn. Price is determined by salvage value by the pound. I have even did some aluminium stuff, tested it (rippred it apart) and he gave me credit back when I picked up some stainless sheet.
    My local steel supplier (Melco & Tull) throw in a lot of drops when I have a order of some size.. It helps keep the place clean & orderly


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      Go by your local bodyshop they should have a old fender or hood thats been removed from a wreck that they can give you .Tell them you are practicing your welding skills on this thickness of metal. Also I have found old bed frames make good project material.,it is uaually 1 1/2"angle by 1/8 or 3/16 thick .Remember some of the parts on new cars are aluminum.


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        These are great ideas!



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          Charger another possibility is contact the local construction company and ask to dumpster dive for materials. You'll probably have to sign a waver of liability in case you get hurt its your dime. This route is good but you'll need a cordless saw, I like my DeWalt cordless recip saw. Heating and AC companies often have to make plenums of SS and mild steel sheet. Be sure you mention this is educational practice and not material going to build in competition to them! Offering them slightly more than the scrap value may help.

          This method will gain you mostly clean fresh materials, a bit of oxidation is not bad but heavy rust will cause more cleanup and less learning time.


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            Curtis Steel on Wynn Rd. has a section of remenants thet they will sell for $ per pound. They also have a good selection of welding supplies and Praxair is just around the corner. Steel Engineers is also a resourse but they don't do rem's and seem to be a little higher priced.

            Hope that helps,



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              Hi Sean,

              Thanks for the info!

              Bought my rig at Praxair and called them today and they also recommended Curtis Steel on Wynn Rd or Economy steel accross the street from Praxair.

              Just got done getting 50 foot of 6-3 SO @ Ingram today, and I can't wait for this weekend when I get some time to light this new machine up!

              Maybe I'll se ya in one of the shops around here sometime?