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  • Getting more stuff done !

    I just love my new M251.

    I finally finished the new gate to the house. Got the concrete poured, and made a drop rod today. The wife is going to be happy (happy I got the welder! HA HA).

    It wasn't an elaborate project, but being able to get it done sure does feel good!

    By the way, shoud the mm251 hummm a little bit? Mine is not that loud however, when you first turn it on it sounds like a booouuunnnggggg and then settles into a soft humm. Is this normal?
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    Good description of the sound, my mm210 does it also. Normal!! If you get too long away from it that is the welcome home sound, because you know your about to have some fun.

    Enjoy-weld well, weld safe,


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      LMAO!! That's EXACTLY how my 210 sounds! Standard old transformer voice.
      Hart could use that description in the "B.C." comic strip. It'd go great with his other blurbs, like "Zot!" and "Foooomm". I'll laugh about that all night...

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