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i need bending info

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    i have thought of a away to bend the full box with a press/die set up. but again, more effort would go into this, than would just bending the part.

    that would be great ! its a 6" square box, up to about 7" would be ok. thickness doesn't matter much. its about 4" tall, but i could cut it to what i need. i would like to have 2, or one longer piece, if thats not asking to much .
    in case i screw one up, i'm known to screw things up, you know
    let me know what you can find. and THANX for offering to help even if it doesn't pan out.

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      Blown, send me some specs and I'll make you one for fun. Bolt sizes and thread pitch, hole locations, bend radii and all relevant info. We also use a transparent blue powdercoat that looks awesome over polished aluminum if you want to go that route. There, problem solved Rev.
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        I'm curious as to how you plan to do the whole box with the dies.I assume you would atach the round stock to the square with rod just longer than the diamiter of the box on the top die and space them just wider than the hight of the box so the box sits inside?One layout method I use makeing signs is to use a length of solder and form the shape.Mark the bends on the solder with a sharpi then staiten it out and transfer the marks.I would like to see a foto of the finnished product and what hear what method of bending you use.
        To all who contribute to this board.
        My sincere thanks , Pete.

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          your joking, right ? if not, thanx anyway. but i take pride in saying i build it myself.

          here is a rough drawing of the dies. the box would just fold around inside of the upper die. besides. i can't use this methode because the lower die would score the box, making a ton more finishing.
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