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    Hi Everyone,

    I been lurking around here for a while, very informative forum. I have had a Syncrowave 250 for about 12 years, and it's been pretty much bullet proof since new. We have a cabin in northern Michigan that I try to get away too as much as possible. The Syncrowave as I'm sure most of you are aware of is not most portable welder. So I called my local welding supply co. and told my salemen that I wanted something I could lift So I brought home a Dynasty 200DX, DC current seems pretty close in performance, next I tried it on AC Man! Was I impressed.. I usually tig aluminum to 3/16 or less which this machine did a fantastic job on. I did try it on a couple of small 1/4 angle
    about 12" long, didn't bevel or preheat and I think found its limits. Called Dave Fisher at miller "nice guy by the way" he gave some pointers on the 200 when welding 1/4" which it will do by the way. It boiled down to duty cycle for me so trade up to the Dynasty 300DX. Got a chance last night to play around a little bit, what a sweet machine.. The only thing I miss is the portabilty of the Dynasty 200, if a person was not going to do a lot on 1/4 I think the Dynasty 200 is the machine.. Now if the 300 is as reliable as my Syncrowave 250 "it's for sale by the way" has been I'll be a happy camper.


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    I am saving for a dyn 300dx so I am glad for your confirmation on this forums consensus. Seeing that you were happy with the syn series, how can you compare the dyn for tigging aluminum to your previous machine as I have a syn 350. Thanks for your info.


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      Welcome PGK!

      You know you could get an aircooled torch and just use the machine. Yea it's 80lb but that's still a bunch lighter than a Sync 250



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        Welcome aboard, you'll find a great bunch of people here. Also the moderator is one **** of a great guy!

        By the way how much for the Syn 250?

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          So you have a Dyn 200 and a Sync250 for sale?

          I'd really like to have a Dyn200, But was saving for fall time.

          I guess depending on what you want for the Sync250, I could put some vaseline on the sides of it, and try to squeeze it into my little garage!!! Doh.

          I'm in MI but way further South, (Berkley, MI)

          Hope you Enjoy the new dyn300!!!


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            A #26 air cooled torch is great if you need to grab the 300 and go. It's certainly "roughin it" compared to the TIG Runner with a sweet water cooled torch, but you do what you have to

            I had the 200DX and 300DX units for a while. That was the best of both worlds! I finally parted with the D200DX. I have to say that was a really hard thing to do.


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              Just got back from the north country, -15 dergrees Sunday morning, packed up and got out there in a hurry. I appreciate the warm welcome and replies from everyone. I got chance yesterday to tig on some 1/8" and 3/16" aluminum. To answer Rob's question about comparing the Syncrowave 250 and the Dynasty 300 when in AC mode, well! first off the Syncrowave is and always will be on of my favorite power supplies, but this Dynasty is unbelievable! No doubt made me "the average joe tig welder" better. Way more control, seems to light the tungtens quicker, the abilty to adjust the arc as far as penetration through ac freq. and pulsing. I had to repair our snow rake "it's for scaping snow of your roof" it's made out of thin aluminum stock. Where the handle bolts to the rake itself, it had torn the rake mount. So I set machine to pulse "thanks Hawk" All I can say is this is one serious piece of equipment. My Syncrowave is aprox. 12 years old and since I'm only a hobby welder has low hours. To look at the machine it looks as new condition, always waxed and covered when not in use. It has a CK150 torch with a linear finger control 25ft. Heavy duty ground cable and clamp. If I had to guess the power cord is about 10ft and wired direct. Everything mentioned goes, I figured it's got to be worth $1200.00, what do you guys think?? Is that a fair price... Blondie or Teeps if your interested shoot me a email at [email protected]

              Thanks again



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                Thanks for the input comparison. $1200.00 seems quite fair considering the hours of use. Today is the coldest day in two years but no wheres near -15. I have lived in Florida my entire life but my parents were from Michigan so I can appreciate the winters up their. Take care.