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Dialarc HF question

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  • Dialarc HF question

    VBI, I have a dialarc HF but no pedal torch or work clamp. A friend of mine dropped it off,( just the power supply). You now have me curious to get some accessories and try it out. How would it compare to my syn350 for AC aluminum tig?

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    By today’s standards, the Dialarc 300 HF is an industrial CC, straight-forward transformer type power sorce, with no bells or whistles other than for the ‘optional’ foot pedal.

    In comparison; Start the arc and the machine gives you what it’s got and that’s it. It is up to you to make the necessary adjustments to make the best weld possible.

    I am all for new technology and I appreciate all the features of my Lincoln Square Wave Tig 355 and Powermig 300, I just remember how pure and quiet the arc was with the Miller 300.

    Plug in a quick air cooled torch and give it a shot. You now have me curious as what you think about it. Please post your experience.