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MM210 and 30A spool gun

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  • MM210 and 30A spool gun

    Is the MM210 setup to run a 30A spool gun from the factory?

    If not, what would be needed?
    Can the 210 provide enough heat to weld 1/2" aluminum with the 30A?


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    Slag: first answer yes it will hook up, but no it wont have enough power supply to do single pass 1/2". That said now, I have done it in multi-pass with my 3035 spoolmate. Multi-pass will work with the 30A, but it costs a bunch more cash than the 3035. I will grant the 30A is built heavier but most of us take pretty good care of our tools, especially our welding machinery.

    I love my mm210 w/spoolmate 3035 and wouldn't change it for any other mig I have used or seen demo'd, except for maybe the mm350p with the pushpull, but it also costs more than twice the bucks!



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      30a Spoolgun

      The 30A spoolgun has a 14pin cannon plug connector compared to the 4 pin pin connector that the 3035 has. but if you want to weld with more amps then buy the 3545,it is aslo made to be used on 210.


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        Thanks pjseaman,
        The reason I asked about the 30A is because I currently have one, along with a MM250.
        Because of what I have read on here I am seriously considering getting rid of the MM250.
        My options are the 210 or the 251.
        I wouldn't consider the 210 if my spool gun wouldn't hook up.

        So the mm210 doesn't have the proper connection for the 30A?


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          Spoolgun 30a

          Slag, that is correct as far as I know it will not work. Now if you wanted to put a 3035 on a MM251 miller makes a adapter for that.


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            Miller shows the 30A as an accessory for the mm210, why would they do that if it wouldn't work!

            It may require an adapter but call tech support and they will have the low down.


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              Part# 024-236 is the adapter from the 30A 14-pin to the 210's 4-pin. Still, like Paul said, the 210 is short on ooomph for single-pass 1/2" al.

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