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    I am considering another GMAW machine purchase. I would appreciate some input as to what Miller has to offer in their line up of machines that would be comparable to the Lincoln Power Mig 300. Aluminum and solid Stainless wire welding is the intended purpose.


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    Here is the closest thing to the Power MIG. It does not do stick and TIG.
    The new Lincoln Power MIG 350 has a few extra bells and whistles over the 300.

    I got to check out the Miller at the Airgas open house a few months back it is a very cool all in one unit. It had the Python gun and guys were doing T-joint fillets on 1/16 aluminum that looked like TIG beads. I also saw some nice pulsed spray stainless welds on thin sheet.

    I would get the Miller over the Lincoln if I wanted an all in one. I used to own red and was not real happy. I have heard that the PM 350 was not real easy to set up. The Miller is very user friendly. The Miller also has an inductance control, I don't think the Lincoln does.


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      I had the opprotunity to watch ANDY demo the mm350p at Indy and I saw amazing things in total disbelief as he laid down a bead with the pulse that was as clean as any tig weld. It looked like tig, complete with the freezing lines and the stack of dimes look, I was shocked, amazed, and bewildered. Mig Aluminum and it look like tig, WOW.

      He said that alot of shops are using them for the long runs on radiators and tigging the end caps and fittings. I wouldn't trade my mm210 even up for any machine, but the mm350p I wouldn't even hesitate!



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        The Powermig 300/350 has more adjustment to the arc over the Miller machine.
        It also has a inductance control. It will do anything the Miller machine will do but it will take more playing with it to do so.


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          The mm350p also has inductance and all the other adjustments but the built in programs will cover the majority of the standards!


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            Will it work on single and 3 phase?


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                I just checked and the Lincoln won't work on 3 phase. I don't know if this is an issue for VBI or not.

                Here is a comparison. Lincoln also has one in the link above


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                  The 350p just makes me feel like I'm cheating. This machine only gets sweeter as I discover more of its intricacies. I think I'm going to order a Miller 350p pillowcase or something . Yeah, I know that's laying it on a little thick, but I really enjoy welding, and this machine just doesn't let me down. Just last week I built a bunch of really quality sensitive aluminum parts. I used the 350p in pulse mode and the customer was quite impressed with the results. I'm not familiar with the Lincoln, they build good product, but you won't go wrong with this machine. Rev
                  Miller 350P XR push/pull
                  Miller 250 DX
                  Spectrum 2050 Plasma


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                    Thanks everyone for the input. I hope to demo the MM350P in a couple months.


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                      Sorry to be intruding on this..I havent posted in like 4-6 months..haha, I have been busy with school and its too cold to weld!

                      Kinda off topic question, but I didnt want to start a new one...anyways, my friend has an old millermatic 150. I was wondering if the new Mig guns like the M-25 gun would fit?

                      thank you,
                      newbi welder


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                        Welcome back!

                        The guns of today will fit that MM150. The end that goes into the machine is the same. You should be able to even use the same tips but the nozzle will be different.