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  • Plasma Problems

    I've been reading this forum for a while but this is my first post. I am in the market for a new plasma cutter. I am looking at something in the range of the spectrum 2050, 3080 or new 1000 model. I have also looked at the competitive models, ie cutmaster 81 & 101 and hypertherm 1000 & 1250.

    I live about 25 minutes from Miller HQ in northeast WI. Yet every welding store I visit in the area wants to sell me every brand of plasma other than Miller. When it comes to buying welders they have always sold Miller , but its different this time with plasma. I am pretty blue blooded but am perplexed with the fact that a loyal Miler customer is getting pushed to Thermodyne and Hypertherm in Millers back yard. Are the other flavor plasma's better? Why do the local plasma shops all stock the others? Why does no one around have a Miller Plasma display? What is going on? Am I in some bad episode of the twilight zone?

    Also what changed between the 3080 and new 1000 model? Is it enough that the average user will notice? Pretty much all of the marketing info between the 3080 and 1000 in the catalog is the same except the 1000 has some new handy dandy cnc/robotic interface.



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    The same question came to me around here and the dealer I trust very much said they have been at it longer than the rest and are more proven {my eyes glazed over and I missed the rest of the story}! I have cut with the HT 600 and 1250 both are fine machines I've also used and esab{don't know the model} and it worked well also. The miller machines are fine units but the dealers are mind set that Miller welders and Hypertherm plasmacutters are the top notches in each catagory. {Or they make more off the HT models }


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      My dealer here also pushes the Hypertherm, and I am also looking for a plasma. He has the Hyper 600's in stock, but everything else (Miller) gets ordered.

      Leaning toward the Spectrum 625 myself, maybe the 2050 as it seems like a lot of bang for the difference in bucks.

      Checked the Hypertherm's out today, and I didn't like the feel of the amp dial on the 600 Hypertherm. It feels cheap, and rough. The 380 Hyper dials on the other hand were first rate and smooth.

      Doesn't Miller make all the Hyper 380 and most of the Hyper 600? Was it just that unit I played with, or are all the Hyper 600's like that? Can anyone set me straight on these things?



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        The one thing about the 3050 model that I used, is that it really didn't seem to tranfer the arc very far to the plate. It had a nice cut to it like all the new Miller machines. I would still buy a Thermal first only because I love the torch setup. Check the bevel on this 1.5 inch piece. Really two .750 together. I still think the esab 1500 / 90 amp is top dawg for single phase plasma cutters. This is 80 amps on the Cutmaster 101. I really like this unit, and I am sure the Hypertherms new unit is really good too. If you stick with the top four you will be fine.
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