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  • Help with welder purchace

    I am looking at buying a used older welder for my motorcycle shop because we cant afford a new one at this time. I need to be able to do repairs on alumunum motorcycle cases that are cracked. One of the older welders I am looking at is a Linde. Can anyone tell me if this will do what I need? I have listed the specs on the welder below. I ahve also attached a pic of what these look like. I run across these old Linde welders all the time but have no idea if it will work for me untill I can aford to buy a new Miller 250

    Model # H250 HF/PF

    Dyna-Flux Cooler

    Linde HW-20 TIG Torch

    Linde FC-A Remote Pedal



    Voltage..............208-230 / 460 volt

    Amperage..........82.5 / 74 / 37 amps

    Single Phase


    Voltage...............30 volt

    Amperage..........250 amps

    Duty Cycle............40%

    Max. OCV............79 / 72 volts

    Current Range:

    Low............5 to 60 amps

    High..........20 to 320 amps
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    ac is there

    it has ac so it should do what you need till you can upgrade. youre biggest concern is of corse going to be cleaning the covers as they will seep oil out as you work on welding.clean, clean, and then clean again and then you should be ready to clean it and weld.
    thanks for the help
    hope i helped
    feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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      First question is will it weld, after that its mostly easy. It is a high frequency model so AC is available for Aluminum and DC for mild steel and SS.

      The answer is Yes it will do your work fine, buyer beware make them prove it works!!! Make a few welds with it yourself and haul it home.

      Linde made great machines and a machinist friend of mine still uses one.


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        Linde makes a good machine we have over 400 of them at work and about 50 Esab's. The problem at our shop is the maintainence of them, it's almost non existent. We have a wiggle and tap maintainence system the maintainence guys come and wiggle this and tap that till you can get an arc going and walk away. But nothing you can fault the machine for and some have been in service for close to 40 years now.

        Like PJ said have them plug it in and prove it works and use it yourself, it's plenty of machine for a motorcycle shop and like fun4now said make sure your parts are clean. On cast aluminum I've had better luck by preheating with an acetelyne torch before welding and that will also burn off any oily residues on the surface however you may dig some up in the pores of the aluminum once you start welding.

        Good luck with your motorcycle shop.
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