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SLICE erothermic cutting system question

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  • SLICE erothermic cutting system question

    While reading the thread about air arching I paged down and read about the Slice system and it's got me interested.

    Has anyone used a Slice cutting system? I am wondering how it compares to air arching as far as versatility and practicality of doing different kinds of jobs, thickness it's able to cut and such? thanks guys.

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    As in anything in life, there are pro's and con's to everything. The advantage of the Slice Pack is the portability. You don't need a powersource hooked up to produce the cut. All you need is an ignition source. (Some models come as a portable unit with automotive style battery and striker) You can ignite the rod with an oxy/acetylene torch, or you can hook up to a welding machine and use the power/ground as the ignition source. (Kind of like striking an arc with an electrode) These systems are called Exothermic Rod Cutting Systems, since the rods are basically mild steel rods with an exothermic coating that aids in the ignition of the rod. Compressed oxygen at about 80 psi is introduced through the centre of the rod. These units will cut through virtually anything. I have seen rocks (actually boulders) being cut in half. These tools are great as demolition tools. The disadvantage, is the shower of sparks and molten metal that result from this type of cutting. Ideally suited for removing frozen pins in heavy equipment. ArcAir rods are better for gouging out cracked welds, removing parts from equipment that you need to repair, etc... The exothermic or Slice rods are designed to sever.


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      Sparx thanks for the info, I appreciate it. I was kind of thinking the Splice would be more aggressive with it using oxygen. Air arcing seems more practicle for most of my work.


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        We use BROCO rods in our underwater cutting ops. They seem to cut through everything that we ever ask them to. They even work well on encrusted wire rope and chain, sometimes using a striker plate.

        They are messy when used topside. The blow slag and sparks everywhere.

        Broco website