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Ever read; Racing and Sports Car Chassis Design ?

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  • Ever read; Racing and Sports Car Chassis Design ?

    I found a copy recently, and have read a little over half. Lots of info about different chassis and suspension designs. Engineering calculation samples too. It is an older book (mine was printed in 71). I was wondering how much of the info and methods hold true today? Do people still design from this book? Anyone know?


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    really, nobody, ever?


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      I wouldn't mind reading it but you are a ways away, let me know when your done, I'll rent it from you !



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        I've briefly glanced through the book and yes some of the stuff in there is still valid. Most of the new stuff out there takes it's roots from the same basic principles in most of the older chassis books. The big thing back then was exotic suspensions which were expensive because parts avilability was limited. Now the parts are becoming more plentiful and available not to mention more affordable. Now there are rear end setups that use the 9 inch Ford "hogs head" in an independent rear suspension. Something you used to only be able to get out of a Jaguar or Corvette is now available to put into your kit car at an affordable price.

        The biggest thing now is the McPherson strut has made it possible to eliminate a lot of the baggage associated with leaf springs and simplified front suspensions by in most cases eliminating the upper control arm from the equation. Thereby reducing the total amount of bushings and ball joints by 4 bushings and 2 ball joints for the upper control arms.

        Those chassis and suspension books will still give you the basic building blocks to engineer a decent chassis/suspension for your project. It's sort of like houses, we're still using a masonry based foundation wall but we've changed what we've put on top of it.

        Think of the information you find in those books as the foundation.


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