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  • Mig Welding Comparison

    I have norrowed down my selction to purchase a new multi process welder. I am looking at the Miller XMT 350 series and the ESAB Multimaster 160 Compact series.
    Can anyone offer any suggestions? They appear to be equal except the Miller weight is more.

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    This isn't a fair comparison a 160 amp model to an xmt. Yes the xmt will weigh more it also has over 300 amps on tap! The xmt is awesome and you can not compare these two equally!


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      I have owned 2 XMT 304 units and currently own an ALT 304. The ALT 304 is the "Auto-Line" predecessor to the current XMT 350. They welded very well as does my current ALT machine.

      When stick welding the operator really benefits from the "Adaptive Hot Start" (adds extra amperage at the start of the weld to keep the rod from sticking) and variable "Dig" control" (adjusts how stiff and forceful the arc burns). In the MIG mode the "Dig" control functions as variable "Inductance" control (adjusts the puddle fluidity). In the TIG mode this control is disabled.

      The XMT 350 has 425 amps of top end power and is capable of running on 1 or 3 phase power w/o switching internal connections ("Auto-Line" feature). It is a DC multi-process welder capable of stick, MIG, Flux Core, Pulsed-MIG ( w/optional Optima pulser unit) and lift arc TIG (HF TIG with the HF arc start stabilizer).

      Here is a link to the ESAB series . I have never welded with these machines, but understand they are nice units. It appears from the specs you are losing the "Auto-Line" feature as well as 125 amps on top end and rated duty cyle at a lower amperage as well ( compared to the 260 series). I see no mention on this link of any type DIG or inductance control. After 5+ years with multi-process units I have found this feature to be extremely valuable.


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        From this link on ESAB's website it appears the inductace control is offered as an option.

        I forgot to mention the XMT/ALT Miller machines do a wonderful job with aluminum MIG using a 15A/30A spoolgun with a WC24 Controller. These machines can do such much I am trying to hit the high-lights w/o boring you to tears with stacks of specs. I can say I would buy another XMT today if the need arises.

        On a different note I have access to a complete ALT 304 package with powersource, spoolgun, air cooled 200 amp TIG set up, Optima pulse controller, 8 RC suitcase wire feeder w/ 75' 14 pin connecting cable, regulator/ gauges, etc. This equipment is for the most part new or like new. It is available as a package deal. There may be some additional accessories such as a carbon arc gouging torch, and some premium quality welding leads. If you are interested, email me: [email protected]