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Light areas in Auto-dark helmet ?

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    I've got the scratches and marks on mine from working up under my car (I am currently building a "restro-rod" and putting in a different drivetrain). It is a bear getting under there to weld in subframe connectors and the such, especially when the car is only on jack stands in a garage. None the less, I try my best to not put the helmet on the floor (trying to avoid hitting the lens with a tool on the floor, or whatever). Maybe I don't have to be quite so careful, but better safe than sorry in my book.
    Now, with that said, if I was to buy another helmet, I would probably get a Miller Big Window...from what I have read, they sound nice and look cool (hey, looks isn't everything, but it is something).


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      bye bye problems . . .

      Again, thanks for ALL the comments.

      Just a few responses;

      My nextGen helmet was brand new, just out of the box (didn't have time to drop it yet). So was the replacement lens they sent me. Both had the same problem. I'm really proud of my tools; so, having a helmet that wasn't up to the quality of a cheapo helmet ($50) was unbearable for me. Receiving two poor quality lenses, in a row, doesn't build much confidence for a safety device. I suspect lots of folks have had good luck with their Jacksons, but not me.

      So anyway, I bought a speedglas 9002X. Works fine. The lens shading is consistant from edge to edge. The vent was the big attraction for me (to keep the lens from fogging). I wonder why other helmets aren't build the same way.


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        Congrats on the new 9002x let us know how you like it in a month or so.