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i need Co2 bottle info

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  • i need Co2 bottle info

    once again i am looking to buy a used bottle, Co2 this time. i have a line on 2, i will keep one of them, sell the other. 20#.

    do these bottles have a test experation, or anything else i should know about ?
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    Blown S-10,
    Yes these tanks will have to be tested,I think it's 5 years for the hydro test.
    I worry that you might not be able to get them filled at all as I notice one of the tanks is labeled as pepsicola, the numbers stamped on the tank will identify this tank as their tank and when getting a fill this number might be cross referenced in the computer. Good luck.


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      Sometimes they are stamped others you have to get the paperwork to match the serial number and it tells the mfg date-test dates. If you can call the last place that filled tham they should have a test certificate number, but then you have to know who filled it last, sometimes a big?????

      Good luck,


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        yeah MACH, i noticed that too. though i don't think the place i would have it filled at would care. but they very well may care about the test date. i'll have to call them and ask.

        are these bottles swaped for a recert ? i think i can get these for also nothing. but what good is that if they are junk.


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          i just looked at the pics again. think i could sand the ownership labels off and be good ?

          and the says he has a regulator. could that be used for my mig ?


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            Depends - what's the sentencing guideline for Possession of Stolen Property in your state? Sanding off IDs usually looks bad in court.

            Why not save yourself the hassle and buy legit bottles? Another thought - your local Pepsi distributor might pay a finders fee if you returned those.


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              It totally depends on the honesty of your normal welding distributor, if he wants he can fill them, i've heard of it being done before, filling someone elses bottle when your not supposed to. But typically this is for larger cylinders 200 series and higher. For the smaller cylinders we fill anyones and everyones, the main thing you want to look at is check to see if there are dates stamped on the cylinder, mainly the year, normally they are hydro'd for 5 years, this test should run you around 30 bucks or so. But i'd give your distributor a call and ask. As for grinding off the markers stating it is Pepsi's bottle or another companies bottle, i do not recomend it being done but once again, it has been done before.

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